marți, 9 iunie 2009

Summer dreams

Although there are a few days left from the school, not to mention the examination period at the universities, but my spies, including myself :P, have informed me that in our little town, the summer atmosphere is already spreading. If you are not yet in the “Summer-mood” then check out this video. This track has almost everything that summer holds for me. But that’s an other topic. So just check it out!

So now you’re in the mood…Than you may be interested, what the students, the young people usually do summertime in the town.
First of all swimming. Summer means warm weather, warm weather means bathing! In the town you’ll find three places where you can refresh yourself. It’s funny that although you can choose from three different locations, none of them is not even near perfection. Don’t even dream of slides or even regular sized pools: all of them are smaller and shallower than regular size, not to mention that one may complain about the cleanness of the water. But still, all of these pools are crowded if the weather is fine. No wonder, because although you can’t practice for swimming competitions there, with a bunch of friends, and some extra stuff like a ball you can have a great time while in the open. Not to mention that the water in the pools is mineral water, which is very healthy (though it smells funny). Of course there are lots of other possibilities to refresh yourself while swimming, if you have a more time to spend. My favorite destination is the Saint Ana Lake. This lake is the only one placed in a volcanic crater in Eastern Europe. Though it’s a nature reserve, and it’s one of the main tourist attractions of the region, it’s still not too crowded. You can reach it with car, but where’s the fun in that? It’s more interesting, if you approach it on foot. There are several trails that lead there, from which I’ve tried two: the one from Tusnádfürdő and the one from Bükszád. The first one is more like a challenge: it’s the shortest, but the sheerest trail. You can choose to go straight, or to follow a serpentine, but either ways you’ll reach the lake in less than two hours. The other trail, from Bükszád is more like a friendly trip, first of all because you’ll have to walk in the woods for a short period, so you can admire the beautiful hills of the Olt’s depression, you can have a glimpse on the village, on its narrow streets, with the unmistakable signs of cows passing by, and you can taste the mineral water spring, and at last, but not least this trail is not too sheer, so even little children will reach the lake without getting too tired.
Besides swimming other sports come to life too, so the basketball courts are full with streetballers, it’s almost impossible to find a free football court, and the main square (“Liberty square”) becomes the host of many extreme sports fans, most of them bikers and skaters.
As night falls, and all the sports fans get a shower :P, the terraces of the Petőfi street get full. Usually people have a drink, and nice talk there, but the parties don’t take place here, but in the discos around the town. Of course summer means festival time! So at almost every week, there’s something happening in the area. I’d mention the Peninsula Festival at Marosvásárhely, which is one of the biggest musical events of Romania, and the Tusványos, which is not exactly a festival, and my personal; favorite, the Dob-ban rhythm-festival, hosted by our town.
If you are still bored, there are like hundreds of destinations for shorter and longer trips. In fact it doesn’t really matter which way you go, as you leave the town the view will be breathtakingly beautiful.
Of course, I’ve only scratched the surface what the summer holds…But at this moments, these are the things I miss most from the summer. And still, four exams to go…

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  1. Love-love-love this pooost...
    Now I've really have the summer-feeling. The sun shines through my window, everything perfect... except the 4 exams to take, just like you...:|