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Big fishes in the little pond

Csíkszereda is quite a little town, but still, it has it's own celebrities. In the following few lines I'll present some of them. I hope there's no misunderstanding: I'm not going to present scientists, great thinkers and so on, because I'm not good at this. Instead I'll present some people, who are generally known in the circles I'm in.
Let's start with some athletes.
As far as I know, our town is proud to be the hometown of the best winter sport athlete in the whole country, Tófalvi Éva. Her successes in biathlon are truly great, but sadly underestimated in the country, and as far as I can see, even in Csíkszereda.
Although football is not that popular in our town, we have a football player, who's pretty well known in our country for his hard work and leadership skills, Ilyés Róbert. In his career in the first league of Romania he played more than 280 matches and scored more than 50 goals, but most importantly he inspired and helped other talented young players over the years.
One of my favorite athlete born here is called Novák Ede Eduárd. The cyclist who has just won in Beijing a silver medal at the Paralympics is the living statue of the székely stereotypical strong will. He didn't give up after his accident, but he kept on working, so now he's not only the best paralympic biker in the country, but he usually beats his healthy opponents too.
Of course, I would be the biggest traitor of my town if wouldn't mention hockey. So here it is, the oldest and the best (or maybe not:P ) player who's still playing here, Elekes Levente.

Enough of sports! Let's see just a few of the town's living legends, like Gaál László, a physics teacher from the Márton Áron High School. He earned his reputation by being a severe teacher, whom everybody is afraid in the freshman and sophomore years, but after that people start to like him better and better, not to mention that their physics knowledge gets much above the average. Just mention his name to any student, and they'll have tons of stories to tell.
An other person, who's always a good topic to speak about in is our mayor, Ráduly Róbert. People always like to speak about politicians, especially in a small town like this where almost everyone knows some gossips about him (see the previous post for more about gossips). As a matter of fact he tends to feed the need for gossips with his sometimes not really diplomat-like attitude. I'm not trying to judge him here, because it's not my job: I'm just saying, that it's a fact that by asking anyone about him, you'll get a hands full of gossips. To be correct I have to tell you, that he's been elected for the second time , se the bigger part of the people think, that he does his job.
An other person who's known by 99% of the town's residents is the actor Kozma Attila. He's not only known for his acting in the theater, but mostly for his commercials in the radio , and his co production with an other actor, Lung László Zsolt. Both productions use stereotypical székely accent and behavioral models, creating a type of humor, that is hard to understand for anyone not form this region (though they seem to have success with their CD on the other side of the border, in Hungary too).

Let's mention the younger generation too: here you have a video, made by three students from Csíkszereda. I think this is the most viewed video on youtube, made be people from our town. And it's funny too:).

This time I'd like YOU, my dear reader (if you even exist:P) to complete this post, by adding comments with other well known persons:). I hope I'll hear from you real soon!

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  1. I know one person, you missed. Also a teacher in MAG, a legendary teacher:). The mother of our mayor. Ráduly Erzsébet. But if comes to teachers, we could say many-many well-known names, not only from our school, but famous headmasters, and of course legendary pupils who had the courage to try and make them look foolish. And others, who aren't so lucky and get punished...:)
    In such a little town these gossips spread quickly.:)

  2. Ambrus Attila? (He even has his own page in English language wikipedia. For some reason I can't link it here)

  3. bocsi because I have the name that I think u wanted 4 your blog. I'm www.csikszereda.blogspot.com