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Csixereda is not a town. More precisely, it’s not the little town in the middle of Romania , in Transylvania , in its original Hungarian name Csíkszereda, in its Romanian name Miercurea Ciuc. But Csixereda is pronounced just like Csíkszereda. So what’s the difference? The difference is that while the one written with “ksz” is the name of the town, the one written with x is a feeling, a feeling that everyone who lives or lived there knows well. Of course they call it a thousand ways. I call it Csixereda, because it has a certain x factor. No, it’s not dangerous or anything but its aspects are as a matter of fact unknown, and unknowns are usually denoted with x. They are unknown but in the same time known by everyone. In this blog I will try to make clear some aspects of it by writing down my thoughts. Of course my goal is not to make it general. These are my thoughts, my feelings, and I do keep up the right to talk about anything else, if I want to.

I do not posses a too unique viewpoint, but the fact that I spent eighteen years in the town and recently went away to college gave me lots of new ideas about things in my hometown. With me leaving, some strings connecting me there were cut, but some were straightened, and on the twelve hours long train rides to home, or to Temesvár (where I’m in college) I had plenty of time to think about how it feels to leave and return to my hometown.

I hope that if someone from Csíkszereda reads it, he or she will recognize some of the things described, and if someone who never even heard of the town reads it will get a better idea about it, than by reading a guidebook. Of course if you never ever heard of Csíkszereda then check out this site for the basic things about the town:

And I do hope that you’ll form your opinion on my entries in form of comments.

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